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Fire sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are required for most new construction in California, our team is ready to help design, install and maintain them for your home or business. Fire sprinklers are designed to react quickly to contain and suppress the spread of a fire and allow residents the time to evacuate and the fire engine to arrive and take control of the situation.


Kitchen Fire Suppression System

 Commercial cooking fire prevention strategy relies on preparedness and versatility of response. We provide UL300 standard kitchen fire suppression systems, which are designed to address the different types of kitchen appliances with precision nozzles that distribute a wet- chemical solution to cool off and suppress kitchen fires.


Fire extinguishers

All commercial properties, from warehouses to offices, require portable fire extinguisher to allow for immediate response to a fire occurrence. Our techs will help you determine the type, size, location and amount of extinguisher the property requires.


Emergency light

When an unforeseen event such as an earthquake or fire occurs, electricity could fail and at that point you need a reliable source of light to guide you to the nearest exits. We are here to help you maintain and make sure emergency lights turn on in a time and stays on long enough for the tenants of your building to safely evacuate.

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