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Fire Suppression & Safety Systems Experts

If a fire breaks out in your home or business, you need a way to fight back fast. Having quality, reliable fire extinguishers are essential—having a complete fire suppression system is even better. U.S. Fire Protection will make sure you have the best solution for your building—whether it’s a single-family home or a commercial place of business.

For more than a decade we’ve been the most trusted local provider of fire safety equipment. This includes all types of fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, signage and more. We’re knowledgeable in the products that could save your life if a fire breaks out, and we’ll make sure you have them on-hand to stop a fire in its tracks. Our team takes care of everything—from extinguisher installation, maintenance and inspections, to kitchen fire suppression system installation and bi-annual inspections. We don’t just make sure you have the right products: We make sure they work when you need them to.

We care about your safety and the safety of anyone else in your facilities. That’s why we treat every job with careful attention. There’s nothing routine about what we do. We’re always alert, always vigilant and always thorough. As a member of the National Fire Protection Agency, we promise you’ll have the confidence that comes with quality fire suppression products and safety systems.


  • We’re your all-inclusive provider of fire protection equipment, including sales, installations, maintenance and inspections (where applicable).

  • As a family-owned and -operated business, we strive to treat our customers with integrity and always deliver top-quality service.

  • Our entire team understands the importance of properly functioning fire protection equipment and genuinely cares about every job.

  • In addition to our fire protection services, we also offer a selection of products that includes lighting and signage. From strobes to emergency exist signage, we ensure your building is outfitted with emergency lighting that can be seen in the midst of smoke and haze, to help lead people out and keep them safe.

Stay Fire-Safe

U.S. Fire Protection provides the complete fire inspection and equipment services your facilities need to stay safe in the event of a blaze.


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