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Extinguisher Service


Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense if a fire breaks out. The right extinguisher unit can keep a small fire in-check and smother it before it grows into a bigger one. At U.S. Fire Protection, count on us to make sure you have the right units on-hand. Not only that, we also provide service and fire extinguisher inspection, so you have peace of mind in your fire safety products.


We sell and install fire extinguishers in a variety of capacities. We can inspect your facilities and recommend the right placement for installation, as well as the right type of extinguisher for your needs. Count on us to supply well-inspected units that are within-date and ready to be used in an emergency.

  • Sales

  • If you’re lacking the proper type or capacity of fire extinguishers in your facilities, call and talk to a member of our team. We’ll outfit your building with properly-positioned units that are well-installed and can help you educate your tenants as to how to deploy them in the event of a fire. We offer sales to both residential and commercial customers, with different models available depending on the threat of fire in your facilities.

  • Service

  • If you’ve recently used your fire extinguisher and it needs to be recharged or there’s another problem with your unit, call us for fire extinguisher service. We’ll restore the integrity of your extinguisher unit and ensure it’s ready to be deployed if there’s a fire.

  • Inspections

  • Annual testing for fire extinguishers is important to make sure they’re still functional and that their contents are still pressurized for dispersal. Give us a call to have all of your units inspected and tested, so they can be signed off on. During this time we can also deliver any essential service or recommend a replacement for an outdated or defective unit.

Complete Extinguisher Services

When’s the last time you had the fire extinguishers in your facilities inspected, tested or serviced? Don’t wait for a fire to break out to rely on your extinguishers—have them tested and serviced by an expert at U.S. Fire Protection today. Contact us at 818-394-9062 for complete extinguisher services. We serve both residential and commercial customers, regardless of how many units you have.

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